Tarot Readings and Coping Anxiety

Tarot Readings and Coping Anxiety

Hello darlings,

When scrolling on Instagram today, I saw a post by The Wellness Witch (@misskatiepaige) about using tarot cards to help cope with anxiety and I thought it was such a great idea.

This is a play on the three card spread where the first card is what you think is happening, the second card is what’s actually happening, and the third card the outcome of the situation.

As someone who suffers from pretty inconvenient anxiety and depression, having something like this to fall back on sounds like it will really help.

Like others who use tarot, I feel a lot of peace and clarity when I do a reading. I feel like calling on them when I’m dealing with the plaguing thoughts of anxiety or the unpredictable mood (sad, irritable, etc.) associated with depression will help with grounding and centering.

I do tend to journal my readings and my interpretation of the cards and also in a few days or weeks if I think the reading came to pass and what happened. I think adding this to it will really help when I can’t get out of my head. It may also help to look back on a situation with a clearer head and see if there are similar patterns that lead to anxiety or depression or if the outcome mirrors what’s in the cards.

Have you used the tarot to help with anxiety (or other mental health issues)?

Do you have any tips?

Be sure to let me know below!